Jan 25, 2019 12:00 am EST

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This is ZomboDB v5.6.4-1.0.12. It is a small bugfix release.

Bugs Fixed

  • 631db8beb64fb82dadc45ba56b4fe2b39bc706c3: Fix the zdb_index_stats views so they'll work when the ZomboDB extension is installed in a schema named zombodb.
  • ad8f2515598f8ea31e438585a9d757878640d4c2: Use ZomboDB's schema to qualify typenames when creating index mappings. This fixes an issue with pg_restore complaining it can't find the types phrase and fulltext
  • e841999e1d20278e747436632bd94a73d93029a7: Improve the performance of hit-hilighting single properties inside large nested json object columns

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