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This is ZomboDB v5.6.4-1.0.0 which supports only Elasticsearch v5.6.4. This is a major upgrade for ZomboDB as it requires Elasticsearch v5.6.4.

What's New

Versioning Scheme Change

For here out, ZomboDB's versioning scheme will reference the supported Elasticsearch point release version first, followed by the major.minor.point release version of ZomboDB as it relates to that version of Elasticsearch.

Going forward, you will need to download the specific version of ZomboDB that supports your specific point release of Elasticsearch 5.6. As of this writing, that point release is v5.6.4.

Retiring Old Versions

Aside from security issues or really severe bugs, the ZomboDB releases that support Elasticsearch v1.7 and v2.4 will no longer be supported for free. Please contact ZomboDB, LLC if you require custom work or bug fixes for these older versions.

Major Performance Improvements

ZomboDB v5.6.4-1.0.0 brings significant performance improvements across the board. A non-exhaustive list is

  • Don't collect scores when the user's SELECT statement doesn't use zdb_score()
  • Eliminate per-query SPI overhead
  • Enable all queries/aggregates to use Elasticsearch's request/query cache
  • Better encoding and evaluation of tuple ids (ctid)
  • Use HTTP keep-alive requests via libcurl for each Postgres backend
  • Improve how ZomboDB estimates rows for SELECT statements (by just hardcoding to 2500) to eliminate per-query "_count" ES endpoint calls. See new index option named default_row_estimate and Postgres session settings named zombodb.default_row_estimate and zombodb.force_row_estimation
  • Implement a shard action called "FastTerms" and a custom Lucene Query called "CrossJoinQuery" to replace SIREn for cross-index joins along with a "block routing" scheme for enhanced cross-index join performance

Other Changes

  • ZomboDB now supports the ability to store document _source in the Elasticsearch index so that the indexes can be also used by 3rd-party tools such as Kibana. See the index setting named store
  • Index mapping changes to accommodate changes required by Elasticsearch 5.6
  • ZomboDB now only requires one setting be changed in elasticsearch.yml: http.max_content_length. http.compression can optionally be set if it's necessary for your deployment
  • Issue #233: Super-user permissions are no longer required to install ZomboDB
  • Issue #235: Implement a postgresql.conf setting called zombodb.default_elasticsearch_url
  • Other miscellaneous bugfixes
  • Better mapping generation for columns of type json/jsonb so they use less disk space in Elasticsearch
  • Fix parsing of escaped characters in queries, especially within quoted phrases

Upgrade Instructions

While this version's SQL and query syntax is backwards compatible with previous versions, ZomboDB does not provide an upgrade path from previous versions that used ES 1.7 or 2.4. As such, you'll need to DROP INDEX all of your USING zombodb indexes, install this version of ZomboDB on your new ES 5.6.4 cluster and your Postgres instance, and then re-create the indexes from scratch.

If you require assistance with this or require a custom upgrade solution, please feel free to contact ZomboDB, LLC.

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