Oct 29, 2017 11:10 pm EDT

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This is ZomboDB v4.0.0. It is the first release to support Elasticsearch 2.4.6.

What's New?

Other than support for the latest ES 2.4 version, nothing is new relative to ZomboDB v3.2.0. ZomboDB v4.0.0 with Elasticsearch 2.4.6 works exactly the same way as it did with ES 1.7. The SQL syntax and ZomboDB's query syntax are all 100% backwards compatible.

The physical ES indexes are not (see below), however.

One thing to note is that ZomboDB v4 no longer supports the SIREn plugin for performing cross-index joins. The driving force behind this is that the developers of that plugin have abandoned it. While ZomboDB has a naive implementation for cross-index joins already built-in, I'm working on a more sophisticated implementation which will provide the same (or better!) performance. Look for this feature soon.

Which Version of Elasticsearch does this support?

Only v2.4.6.

As best I can tell, a plugin has to specify the exact ES version it supports. Since as of today, the latest ES version is 2.4.6, that's what ZomboDB v4.0 supports.

(as an aside, if you happen to know how to define plugin-descriptor.properties such that it can support multiple versions of ES, please open an issue and let me know!)

Are You a New ZomboDB User?

If so, just go download it now, and enjoy!

Are you an Existing ZomboDB User?

This means you've been using v3.x (or earlier) and probably want to upgrade. Here's the deal – there's no migration process. Since you're upgrading your ES cluster too, you need to treat this as a brand new ZomboDB installation.

In general, the process needs to follow these steps

  • DROP all existing USING zombodb indexes (use SELECT pg_get_indexdef('index_name'::regclass) to save the definition of each one
  • On your ES 1.7 cluster, delete all your ZomboDB indexes (using curl -XDELETE is the easiest way)
  • Upgrade your ES 1.7 cluster to ES 2.4.6
  • Upgrade the Postgres ZomboDB extension using the normal process, which includes ALTER EXTENSION zombodb UPDATE;
  • VACUUM each table that had a ZomboDB index
  • re-CREATE all your USING zombodb indexes

The Future

The plan is to continue to support Elasticsearch 1.7 along with Elasticsearch 2.4.6+. Since ZomboDB's code changes between the two are minimal, I plan to fix reported bugs in both places (where applicable).

Beyond that, support for ES 5 (and the upcoming ES 6) will be coming soon too. These things take time, and supporting concurrent versions takes a lot of development and mental cycles.

How to Download?

Please visit https://www.zombodb.com/releases/. No longer will ZomboDB binary artifacts be available here on Github – only zombodb.com.


I want to specifically thank a Github user named @pashinin. He did all the hard work to port ZomboDB to the ES 2.x series. It's taken me awhile to finally release it, but if he never did the initial work, we wouldn't be here today. So, @pashinin: THANKS!

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