Feb 22, 2017 3:14 pm EST

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This is ZomboDB v3.1.8. It fixes a few bugs and provides a new "GUC" to control its Postgres logging level.

New Features

  • Issue #187: ZomboDB's default Postgres logging level has been changed to DEBUG1, and a new "GUC" has been added named zombodb.log_level that will let you change the default, in real time, either per-session or globally via postgresql.conf. This will make ZomboDB much less spammy during normal operation

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #183: The "not equals operators" (!= and <>) now do the correct things with both array-list syntax styles ([] and [[]]). Additionally, these array-list constructs are now documented in SYNTAX.md
  • Issue #185: Index Links now work correctly when the left and right-hand fields have the same name

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