Sep 20, 2017 3:22 pm EDT

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v3.1.15 fixes two possible Elasticsearch index corruption issues. It is recommended that you upgrade immediately.

If you suffer, or aren't sure if you suffer from corrupt ES indexes, you'll want to REINDEX all of your ZomboDB indexes from within Postgres.

As usual, make sure to install both the Postgres extension and the Elasticsearch plugin and run 'ALTER EXTENSION zombodb UPDATE;' on all databases that use ZomboDB.

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #224: Transactions that DELETE from multiple tables with ZomboDB indexes would send all deletes to the first table/index that was used in the transaction. This could show itself via foreign keys with cascading deletes.

  • Issue #226: Records created by INSERT statements in transactions that abort/rollback would not get properly cleaned up via (auto)vacuum, leading to ES indexes that appear corrupt and potentially future INSERTs would complain about DocumentAlreadyExists

New Features

  • Issue #223: Queries that use multiple "not equals" clauses against the same field are merged into the same corresponding Elasticsearch Query DSL construct. This can greatly improve performance when doing "not equals" across index links.

  • Issue #227: The zdb_index_stats and zdb_index_stats_fast views now contain a new column named deleted that indicates the number of records ZomboDB is tracking as deleted in the backing Elasticsearch index.

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