Aug 24, 2017 11:53 am EDT

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This is ZomboDB v3.1.14. This release fixes various bugs that have been found since the previous version.

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #209: Another bug was fixed with zdb_tally() properly applying its regex filter for string fields (this time in nested objects)
  • Issue #210: It is now possible to correctly use multiple, differently-named index links to the same table (that use different fields for the join condition)
  • Issue #214: Escaping "special characters" now works correctly when used within wildcarded terms
  • Issue #215: The #options() clause can now be specified at runtime, rather than only on the index definition (as per documentation)
  • Issue #218: Runs of AND-ed integer/long values (for the same field) now execute correctly
  • Issue #219: Results returned from named index links are now correct in all cases

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