Jun 30, 2017 2:30 pm EDT

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This is ZomboDB v3.1.13 and it is recommended all ZomboDB users upgrade to this release as soon as possible. The major change with this release is that ZomboDB now works correctly with the latest Postgres point releases (9.3.17, 9.4.12, and 9.5.7).

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #209: zdb_tally() correctly applies regex filters
  • Issue #208: ZomboDB no longer dumps core on latest versions of Postgres
  • Issue #206: Nested #expand()s now work correctly across index links


  • Issue #207: ZomboDB no longer burns a Postgres transaction id for every SELECT statement, which allows it to work with hot-standby Postgres servers.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs, and definitely thanks for your patience – it's been a long few months!

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