Mar 13, 2016 4:14 pm EDT

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The primary focus of this release is from Pull Request #98, which adds a new Postgres DOMAIN called fulltext_with_shingles. The tokenization scheme for this data type is such that right-trucated wildcard queries, especially when used within a "quoted phrase" are significantly faster. In some test cases, it's roughly 7500 times faster! The trade-off, of course, is slower indexing times and larger indexes. This is why the functionality has been added to a new datatype (rather than re-defining the existing fulltext type).

Other Changes

  • Issue #95: term values returned from ZomboDB's various aggregation functions (such as zdb_terms()) are no longer forced to upper-case – they're returned exactly as they're stored in the index
  • a115cf08ed7edee74872f5935c9bb546f96f2f6c: ZomboDB does a better job dealing with field analyzers that remove terms when searching (ie, stop-word removal)
  • 835b9efcb178901283470c728bdd1cd3a819441b: Fix highlighting when the _all field is used. The QueryParser wasn't properly noting that the _all field was used, which lead the highlighter to not expand it.
  • Issue #100: Nested #expand()s don't work
  • Issue #101: Performance regression parsing large array values in queries

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