Feb 11, 2016 7:46 pm EST

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This is a bugfix and performance-improving release.

If you were affected by Issue #85 and didn't manually fix it, you'll need to REINDEX any of your ZomboDB indexes when upgrading. If you did manually fix it, you're fine.


  • Issue #91: ZDB is significantly faster now when performing joins to other indexes

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #85: fields of type json are analyzed using the exact analyzer instead of phrase. This was an unintentional change in behavior
  • Issue #87: zdb_highlight() doesn't throw errors when certain characters are used in tokens
  • Issue #88: zdb_range_agg() doesn't require the range_spec argument to contain whitespace
  • Don't fail in #bool() queries when the user searches for analyzer-specific stop words

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