Jan 6, 2016 5:29 pm EST

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ZomboDB v2.5.7

This release fixes a few bugs and adds a new feature that enables searching multiple tables at the same time.

New Features

  • Issue #71: Ability to search multiple tables at the same time. There's a new SQL-API function called zdb_multi_search().

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #5: Date histograms via the zdb_tally() function now support the 'week' interval, along with the ability to denote a time offset so that the first day of week can be shifted to Sunday, rather than Elasticsearch's default of Monday.

Other Minor Changes

  • Updated Documentation
  • Additional sql-level regression tests
  • When doing an aggregate (ie, zdb_tally()) against a field from a named index link, the wrong underlying field was being selected, causing the aggregate to return zero results (0693071d59eab6b2c7c8f312b507db4514d1e901)
  • norms are now enabled for fields of type phrase, phrase_array, and fulltext. This can help improve relevancy scoring. In order to enable these for existing indexes, you'll need to execute a REINDEX, but this is not strictly required if you don't care about scoring (f79ae1caa6f2c5490aef1ec3e9b2fd8a2e8de417)
  • When "joining" to other linked indexes, scores are pulled forward to help improve ranking (f79ae1caa6f2c5490aef1ec3e9b2fd8a2e8de417)
  • Avoid Integer unboxing in a critical performance path (5d7b34b8e1a5a0bec8cdb32eb2fff325ce7a83bf)

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