Dec 11, 2015 11:02 pm EST

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v2.5.5_BETA3 fixes a few bugs discovered while testing the "scoring-support" (issue #65). - (80939fe836ac5796844e51e07f6646b5f07cc2de): Fix response data bounds checking to account for the new "max_score" float4 being returned - (7f913777f3ebe87ed956a971c29f8f4d15f08a68, 4823263e14758928fe1b2b5a0a669bc474a1ba8e): Fix ASTArrayData (this is the (undocumented) double-square-bracket array syntax) to use termsQuery() and to properly populate the terms being searched - (835238ef32946509673cb6df5a6886f452bd041d): Also fix an unrelated-to-scoring-support bug where zdb_estimate_count() could hang if the ES plugin endpoint raised an error. Now, that error is properly reported to Postgres.


Thanks to TCDI, and specifically @j-weber8597 for the testing.

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