Nov 10, 2015 3:32 pm EST

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v2.5.1 is a feature and bugfix release.


To make use of the new "WITH" operator (Issue #60), you will need to REINDEX your indexes. If you don't have nested objects (ie, columns of type json), a REINDEX is not necessary.

New Features

  • Issue #60: A new boolean connector named "WITH" for connecting nested object query clauses
  • Issue #57: automatically-generated triggers are marked as "internal" so that they don't interfere with the pg_dump/pg_restore process.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #56: Query construct #expand<>(...) now includes all rows from inner query, even those with a null value in the expansion field
  • Issue #58: zdb_determine_index() works in more cases
  • Issue #59: Hit highlighting is no longer case sensitive
  • Issue #61: Multi-level aggregates in different (linked) indexes now raise error
  • Issue #62: Phrases with wildcards no longer break hit highlighting
  • Issue #54: ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN TYPE no longer leaves index in inconsistent state


Special thanks to @johnrballard, @MarkMatte, and @taspotts for the help with reporting and testing issues, and to TCDI for their support!

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