Sep 2, 2015 12:40 pm EDT

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New Features

  • Issue #28: Only support Elasticsearch 1.7.1+
  • Issue #32: Enable fielddata for columns of type phrase/phrase_array. This allows the SQL-functions zdb_tally() and zdb_significant_terms() to work for such fields. Note that if you want that ability, you'll need to REINDEX any existing ZomboDB indexes.

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #29: max_terms argument for zdb_tally() is now honored
  • Issue #27: Improved documentation around aggregates


ZomboDB v2.1.38 now only supports Elasticsearch v1.7.1 or later. This is a reaction to Elasticsearch Issue 12487 which was not fixed in the 1.5 branch. Trying to support multiple versions of Elasticsearch is a bit of a losing proposition because they don't guarantee plugin API (source or binary) between major versions.

As such, you'll need to (and should!) upgrade your ES cluster to 1.7.1. You should follow the Elasticsearch instructions for upgrading, but make sure to set the configuration keys that ZomboDB requires.


Thanks to @johnrballard and @ryancutter for their contributions!

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