Jan 26, 2019 12:00 am EST

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This is ZomboDB v10-1.0.3. This is a bugfix and performance release.

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #329: The zdb.score() function can now be used in more contexts/complicated queries
  • Issue #324: The various dsl.*() functions that accept field names now allow field names of unlimited length, instead of being limited to 64 characters
  • Issue #320: ZomboDB now exposes more of Elasticsearch's sorting abilities through new dsl.sortXXX() functions. See https://github.com/zombodb/zombodb/blob/master/QUERY-DSL.md#sorting-and-limiting-results for details about the new functions

Performance Improvements

  • per-SELECT overhead has been eliminted by not applying ZomboDB's "visibility query" to each ==> 'xxx' query. Postgres will solve the visibility rules for us during SELECT statements
  • optimized how ZomboDB generates its "visibility query" to eliminate an order of magnitude of overhead so that queries like SELECT zdb.count('idxname', 'query'); can execute in single-digit milliseconds instead of double-digit milliseconds
  • optimized how ZomboDB manages libcurl connections during CREATE INDEX, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, COPY, VACUUM to eliminate unecessary lag. This provides a few percentage points of increased performance while ZDB updates lots of rows in Elasticsearch.

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