Nov 13, 2018 12:00 am EST

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This is ZomboDB v10-1.0.0b9. It is the latest beta release for the version that supports Postgres 10.

This release addresses a number of bugs that have been reported over the past few weeks.

A REINDEX of your data is not necessary, however, it's important to note that the ALTER EXTENSION zombodb UPDATE; process will change your existing ZomboDB index definitions to add the underlying table's ctid column to the index. This will be transparent to you.

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #284: Creating Indexes With Custom Columns

While this issue was primarily a documentation problem (which has now been documented in CREATE-INDEX.md), ZomboDB now supports a few different ways to change the number (and type) of indexed columns.

  • Issue #296: Certain Query Plans Return Wrong Results

Prior to this release, ZomboDB had problems with certain query plans (typically Sequential Scan plans that involved Hash Joins). This is no longer the case and ZomboDB is capable of working with any query plan that Postgres might generate

  • Issue #300: zdb.score() Returns Zero When Joining Tables

There were a number of problems with zdb.score(), some of which were related to queries that joined multiple tables. These have been resolved.

As part of this, zdb.score() (and zdb.highlight()) is now defined as "parallel unsafe", which means Postgres won't be able to generate a parallel query plan when you use zdb.score().

Furthermore, zdb.score() is now limited to being used in a query's "target list" (the list of output columns from a SELECT query) and as an ORDER BY column. Using zdb.score() in the WHERE clause of a query will now result in an ERROR.

  • Issue #301: Internal Integer Overflow Bug

ZomboDB had a few integer overflow bugs when generating internal SPI query strings thanks to a wrong "printf()" format specifier. These internal queries have been changed to parameterized SPI queries so as to avoid this problem in the future

New Features

While not necessarily new features, additional documentation around CREATE-INDEX has been written along with some additional things to know.

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