Oct 19, 2018 12:00 am EDT

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This is ZomboDB 10-1.0.0b6 (b5 was an internal release). This release fixes a few bugs and adds a few new features.

When upgrading to this release make sure to run ALTER EXTENSION zombodb UPDATE; in all databases with the ZomboDB extension installed. Reindexing is not required.

If no issues are found, the plan is to make this release 10-1.0.0 final.

New Features

  • Issue #273: Support Postgres subtransactions

Postgres subtransactions (SAVEPOINT, ROLLBACK TO) are now fully supported. Additionally, the session setting zdb.batch_mode has been removed. ZomboDB now operates in what it used to call "batch mode" all the time. This means that ZomboDB will automatically batch indexing requests to Elasticsearch on the transaction-level, and will push those requests early should the transaction execute a SELECT statement.

  • Issue #277: Better Sorting and Limiting

ZomboDB now includes a number of functions (documented in QUERY-DSL.md in the dsl schema for applying sort and limit options to queries. Functions are dsl.sort(field, direction, query), dsl.limit(limit, query), dsl.offset(offset, query), and dsl.min_score(min_score, query).

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #290: Incorrect handling of UTF8 characters in JSON

  • Other little bugs found during internal development and testing

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