Sep 12, 2018 12:00 am EDT

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This is ZomboDB v10-1.0.0b4. It is the 4th beta in this series that supports Postgres 10 without also requiring an Elasticsearch plugin.

This release fixes a few bugs and adds a few features.

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #286: Usage of zdb.score() wasn't properly detected in all queries
  • Issue #285: Usage of zdb.highlight() wasn't properly detected in all queries

New Features

  • Issue #288: Add a new function for querying an array of terms, named dsl.terms_array(field, terms[])
  • Issue #287: Eliminate a round-trip to Elasticsearch for simple, atomic INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements


Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and have done testing. It's greatly appreciated and you're encouraged to continue to do so!

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