Dec 13, 2018 12:00 am EST

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ZomboDB 10-1.0.0

This is the final, production release of ZomboDB 10-1.0.0 – the version that supports Postgres 10 without the need for an Elasticsearch plugin.

No changes of note have been made since the beta11 release.

ZomboDB Features

  • MVCC-correct text-search and aggregation results
  • Managed and queried via standard SQL
  • Works with current Elasticsearch releases (no plugins required)
  • Query using
    • Elasticsearch's Query String Syntax
    • Raw Elasticsearch QueryDSL JSON
    • ZomboDB's type-safe query builder SQL syntax
    • Any combination of the above, even in combination with standard SQL
  • Scoring and Highlighting Support
  • Support for all Elasticsearch aggregations
  • Automatic Elasticsearch Mapping Generation
    • Ability to map custom domains
    • Per-field custom mappings
    • json/jsonb automatically mapped as dynamic nested objects
    • Supports full set of Elasticsearch language analyzers
  • Hot-Standby compatible

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